Are You Prepared to be ‘Flawsome’?

January 23, 2012

Photo: Russ Frushtick

Although articles and blog posts in January lend themselves well to the ‘New Year resolutions’ or ‘predictions’ type pieces for the year ahead this year being ‘flawsome’ is a trend I think will come to the fore.

‘Flawsome’ came in at number 8 on’s top 12 crucial consumer trends for 2012 and means the more humanly a brand or company behaves – admitting and even showing their flaws – the more awesome they’ll be perceived. Trendwatching notes:

“consumers won’t expect brands to be flawless; they will even embrace brands that are FLAWSOME*, and at large (or at least somewhat) human. Brands that are honest about their flaws, that show some empathy, generosity, humility, flexibility, maturity, humor and dare we say it, some character and humanity.

Part of being flawsome will be a willingness to ‘let-go’ and stop trying to control the message. It will also include how transparent and open brands and companies are in the way they operate, and importantly, how they respond to comments, complaints and criticism.

Some of the most awesomely positive experiences come about as a result of flawed product or service provision when the provider genuinely wants to make amends and welcomes the opportunity to put things right. How many companies say they welcome feedback but really don’t? By far the majority.

No organisation’s perfect. We live in complex and fast-moving times. Things will go wrong. If you can fix things in a way that make the complainant feel you care and are listening then the flaws will be minimised. They may even become part of what makes people come back and recommend you.

Definitely a trend worth cultivating.

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